New Paper published in January 2021: “Systemic review of the outcomes and trade-offs of ten types of decarbonization policy instruments” by Dr Cristina Peñasco, Prof Laura Díaz Anadón  and Elena Verdolini in Nature Climate Change

5 May 2021

The literature evaluating the technical and socioeconomic outcomes of policy instruments used to support the transition to low-carbon economies is neither easily accessible nor comparable and often provides conflicting results. This paper shows how the team have developed and implemented a framework to systematically review and synthesize the impact of ten types of decarbonization policy […]

New Paper Published by Aileen Lam and Jean-Francois Mercure: ‘Which policy mixes are best for decarbonising passenger cars?’

18 March 2021

Please find the link here or here   Here Aileen summarises the paper: “Using the FTT:Transport model of vehicle technology diffusion and market competition, we simulate the impact of climate policies on passenger car emissions in the US, UK, Japan, China and India up to 2050, seeking to understand policy interaction. We analyse six commonly […]