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Strong EEIST Presence at Cimate Exp0 17– 21 May

Date: May 17-21 2021

Venue: online: For more information and to register go to:

A number of appearances from the EEIST team are planned at Climate Exp0 which is scheduled to take place between Monday 17th and Friday 21st May.  This event will take place fully online, and is an important date in the annual calendar in the lead up to COP26 in November. Climate Exp0 is an opportunity to display the latest thinking and most relevant international research by connecting “policymakers, academics and students across the world and harness the power of virtual collaboration to help deliver a zero-carbon, resilient world.”

The conference centres around five key themes: one each day as follows-

Monday 17th May – Green Recovery

Tuesday 18th May – Nature-Based Solutions

Wednesday 19th May – Mitigation Solutions

Thursday 20th May – Adaptation and Resilience

Friday 21st May – Finance and Regulation

Prof Aled Jones from Anglia Ruskin University, Director of ARU’s Global Sustainability Institute and one of EEIST’s Programme Leads is on the event’s organising committee. He is chairing the climate finance discussions on the Friday.

On Wednesday the first and last sessions-which have expert panel discussions-will be chaired by two EEIST professors: Prof Cameron Hepburn at the University of Oxford (Session A, ‘A new perspective on the clean energy transition’ at 09:30) and Prof Laura Díaz Anadon from the University of Cambridge and Programme Lead with EEIST, ‘Policies for driving rapid clean energy transition’(Session G at 16:30).  Dr Cristina Peñasco, also from Cambridge, will be talking at 13:45 about the Economy-wide impacts of the Green Recovery on the Monday.  There will be the opportunity to see Dr Sergey Kolesnikov who works at Cambridge with Laura and Cristina: both work on the EEIST project’s third stage.  Dr Sergey is presenting at 12:00 in the ‘Solution Stars – Mitigation Solutions for green recovery’. 

Dr Matthew Ives from University of Oxford, who is also a Programme Lead for EEIST will give a presentation on mitigation solutions on Wednesday entitled, ‘A new perspective on decarbonising the global energy system’.  This will present encouraging evidence that there should be optimism for those governments looking for greater ambition on decarbonising economies, while providing economic growth opportunities and affordable energy.

For more information and to register go to:


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